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160% Increase in Organic Traffic YOY for Verisure

An App Case Study

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  • Increase organic traffic to improve visibility and brand awareness
  • Create a tool to support the sales team


  • 160% increase in total organic traffic YOY
  • 52% increase in total direct traffic YOY
  • 14% increase in organic blog traffic YOY

Initial Situation

The objective was to increase organic traffic to improve visibility and brand awareness for Verisure, while establishing the brand’s presence as a high-quality source of information to increase trust and authority.

What We Did

Our strategy was to build a tool offsite to bring more organic traffic to the sales website.

To begin, we created customer profiles for Verisure clients as part of a geotargeting project where we ranked customer postcodes.

After defining the customer base we created an interactive crime stats map of the UK, where users could find the latest information on crime rates. We connected to the official Police database in order to show the latest figures available to the public.

Users are able to see an overview of total crime as well as a breakdown of eight categories, including burglary, robbery, shoplifting, criminal damage/arson, bicycle theft, vehicle crime, other theft and other crime.

160% increase in organic traffic yoy for Verisure

The tool also displays crime trends in London over the past 6 months. For example, today’s data shows that robbery has risen 38.61% – giving users the perfect reason to invest in a Verisure smart alarm system.

Users are able to type in their postcode, district code or city in the search field or navigate manually on the map to search a particular location.

This then pulls the crime statistics of the official Police database for the area. While crimes are not shown at their exact spot on the map for privacy reasons, they are shown at a street level. By default, the map displays all types of crime but can be configured to highlight particular crimes in the area.


Our goal was to increase organic traffic to the main sales website and improve brand visibility and awareness. The crime stats app was built to support our content marketing efforts on the main website and blog. The creation of the app resulted in a:

  • 160% increase in total organic traffic YOY
  • 52% increase in total direct traffic YOY
  • 14% increase in organic blog traffic YOY

We started our collaboration with this client in February 2016, attracted by their innovative product and service and great ambition in the UK, in an extremely competitive market. On top of our usual technical fixes, improvements and monitoring, we developed an extensive content strategy that allowed us to increase our number of ranking keywords and visibility dramatically. The UK crime statistics map, based on official UK police data greatly expanded our client’s online presence. As the app offers the possibility to search for any location by city, postcode and area down to street level and to filter display by type of crime, URLs are generated for each location based on suggestions in the local search field, which allows us to virtually generate 2 million pages. To force indexation of as many pages as possible, we have introduced a number of content variations in each page (location name, dynamic extraction of data, dynamic charts, and randomised text).

organic search traffic in 2018 compared to 2017 - verisure

What we loved with this tool is how the sales team took it and now use it on their iPads during field demo with prospects and customers. The level of details and the ability to chose the type of crimes gives sales reps the opportunity to zoom in almost at a street number level.

160% increase in organic traffic YoY for Verisure

We wanted to showcase this work not only because we got good results but also because it represents the kind of work we strive for.

Our team loves solving hard to crack marketing problems. We prefer building something with a real-world application that can be scaled and integrated within the day to day operations

So if you are interested in creating something similar for your company, we should have a chat. Drop us a line below and see how we can bring your idea to life and drive results both on the digital and the real side of marketing.

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