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Digital Marketing Strategy

Connect with your ideal customers

We help some of the world’s best-known companies save money and increase revenue with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Our motto: Traffic is nice. Revenue is better.

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Our Digital Marketing Strategy

Our digital marketing strategy provides a seamless path from onboarding through to plan execution, channel optimisation and reporting.

Typically, it takes 3-months to work through the first iteration of our process.

IMWT Delivery Process


We’ll help you

  • Develop a data-driven mindset
  • Generate more qualified traffic
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Understand customer behaviour
  • Increase sales value and customer lifetime value

We Partner With Your Team

Every company we work with is a valued partner. Together, we help you navigate your marketing challenges — no matter how large or technical they might be.

This means:

  • Your team learns alongside us from project start to finish
  • You’ll have the knowledge to drive your own digital marketing success

Digital Marketing Strategy

We play the long game to deliver sustainable and predictable growth.

We begin our engagements by ensuring there is a focus on developing robust strategies to meet your objectives and deliver long-term value.

Digital Marketing Strategy - Sostac

We work with you to understand your business, your products and your customers developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy which will deliver against your objectives. We do this using the proven SOSTAC framework.

SITUATION: Where are we now?
OBJECTIVES: Where do we want to go?
STRATEGY: How do we get there?
TACTICS: Exactly how we get there
ACTIONS: The plan – who does what and when
CONTROLS: What to measure

Customer Journey Optimisation

At the heart of every successful digital marketing strategy is the customer journey. From awareness through to conversion and retention, your customer needs and behaviours are key to improving your marketing performance.

Digital Marketing Strategy - Customer Journey Optimisation


Our in-depth analysis helps us understand your audience and your company objectives. We bring these together to develop a digital marketing strategy for every stage and touchpoint of your customer journey.

We believe that data drives the best results. We’re dedicated to maintaining your data integrity to ensure you get the insights you need to make faster, smarter decisions to keep ahead of the competition.

Boost Retention and Advocacy

Identify and focus on your best customers to boost retention, repeat sales and advocacy.

We help you understand and segment your customers by behaviour and value, creating a range of digital marketing strategies to reduce your cost of acquisition.

Our digital team will action insights generating more revenue from your existing customers and help amplify your advocates.

What’s included?

  • RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Advocacy campaigns
  • LTV (customer lifetime value) analysis
  • Retention campaigns

Insights and Reporting

Make smarter marketing decisions which drive more ROI and keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Accurate information can be the difference between success and failure. We empower our customers to make smarter decisions through insightful marketing analysis, as well as monitoring sales and marketing performance through online dashboards and automated reporting.

What’s included?

  • Reporting dashboard
  • Automated reporting
  • LTV, RFM & segmentation
  • Managed analysis
  • Campaign reporting

Performance Expectations

Providing accurate performance forecasts is one of the most difficult challenges a digital marketer faces – especially without reliable data.

Our approach is to work back from your objectives and find strategies and tactics that will deliver against your objectives. Once we have live data, we can make accurate predictions on future performance.

Performance expectations vary by channel, product and market. Providing you with a meaningful forecast requires contextual and reliable data – we don’t do guesswork.

Typically, we return more than $8 for every $1 our customers spend with us.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Our multi-channel digital marketing solutions take into account the complete picture of your business. We tailor everything from the ground up to meet your unique challenges and connect your brand with the right customers.

After an initial audit we’ll have the insights needed to pinpoint the content, channels, and ideal audience to maximise your digital marketing investment and inspire your customers to take action.

Our solutions are designed to provide the ongoing information you need to make smarter, faster marketing decisions.

Solutions include:

  • Technical monitoring
  • Performance forecasting
  • Ongoing rank tracking
  • Detailed reporting
  • Outreach, links, and PR

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Digital Marketing Strategy - Club Med Chatbot Case Study

Users 1.5x

more likely to book after interacting with chatbot

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Thank you IMWT team for being a great support during the set up and roll out of this very new “Chatbot” tool.
With my curious nature, I was eager to launch the Chatbot to enhance the user experience onsite and of course as a new revenue generating tool. I was however skeptical at first due to the lack of manpower in my team and the risk of investment (time + money).

IMWT assured me that they will be with me throughout the process and I must say, they’ve done a great job at keeping to their promise and even going the extra mile to make the Chatbot a success story for Club Med today!

Thank you once again & our journey to take Chatbot to greater heights continues…

Tania FDigital Marketing Manager, Club Med

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We Partner with Google & Adobe

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Coming from an agency environment myself, I was a bit dubious of any SEO company working for me as a client. Turns out that Freddy Chanut and the team at In Marketing We Trust are more than just an agency that delivers work. They are truly committed to understanding and doing the right thing for our channel and our business.

With their help we have fixed and reduced our risk of future penalties, created engaging content and increased our SEO leads by 95% YoY.

Joao D.CSEO Manager at Open Colleges

We enlisted In Marketing We Trust to help our new Australian division get one step ahead of the content marketing game.

The team has complimented ours perfectly, providing essential training, delivering high quality links, and advising us on how to get the most from our blog by maximising SEO value and opportunities for referral traffic.

The IMWT team are friendly, attentive and extremely knowledgeable. We thank them for their help so far and look forward to working together more in the future.

Emily CProduct Owner at Skyscanner

YHA have worked with in Marketing We Trust for a few years now. Freddy and the team are knowledgeable, capable and professional. They understand our business and our SEO requirements, and have developed strategies and tactics to help us achieve our objectives. The results speak for themselves. I am happy to recommend In Marketing We Trust to other companies.

Julie LDigital Marketing Manager at YHA