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1. Why Successful Companies Use Conversion Optimization To Increase Sales 9
Why it matters? According to Econsultancy.com’s report, companies that averaged 6.45 tests each month saw significant increase in sales, while companies that only tested 2.42 times each month or less saw a decrease in sales. This shows the significance of conversion optimization. Furthermore, the report shows the characteristics of a successful conversion optimization strategy and why most companies fail at it while others succeed. This is a must read for anyone seeking to increase their sales.
Importance Level: 7/10
2. How To Write Ads To Gain More Conversion 9
Why it matters? If you’re spending money on advertising, it’s important to optimize your conversion rates to bring down costs and increase profits.  There are ways to improve your ads to get better conversions, and that’s by focusing on your customers rather than your brand, writing in terms of benefits to your buyers rather than product features, and focusing on the needs of your buyers rather than your wants. Read the report to find out how to do those three things.
Importance Level: 6/10
3. How To Use The New Facebook Ads Structure 9
Why it matters? If you’ve been using Facebook for your ad campaigns, then you might have been confused with the recent structure changes. This guide will show you how to use the new campaign structure to split test different website landing pages, types of ads, bidding models, and targeting.
Importance Level: 5/10
4. Facebook Growth Lagging Behind Tumblr And Pinterest And What You Can Do About It9
Why it matters? While Facebook growth has been very little at only 6% and certain age groups are becoming less interested in using it, Facebook still remains to be the biggest social media network. You shouldn’t stop using Facebook for your marketing needs, on the contrary, you should start using multiple social media platforms like Tumblr and Pinterest along with Facebook. Tumblr has increased by 120% and Pinterest by 111% making the two one of the fastest growing social media platforms.
Importance Level: 3/10
5. How To Start Paid Promotions And Why Businesses Need To Do So9
Why it matters? If you’re wondering how to start paid promotions, this guide will show you how to define your target audience, their age, gender, education level or status, and geography, as well as how to use different promotions. There are also several things you need to consider when planning paid promotions, and it’s important to have some guidelines to start with to save yourself from costly advertising mistakes.
Importance Level: 3/10

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